Monday, March 21, 2011

What the?

OK..A quick post to tell on myself. I figured you would all enjoy this confession.....So, I was working on paperwork today on my computer, but I was freezing, so I went and grabbed my winter coat (that I haven't worn in a while) and put it on. It was great. Nice and toasty. I had been working for a while and decided to run downstairs to refill my coffee cup. I started down the stairs and had the weirdest feeling smack in the middle of my behind. A jiggling sensation. One that I had never experienced before. I PANICKED! I thought ,"Oh No!, How in the heck could I get a jiggle there? Right in the middle?" "Did that one lesson of Zumba wiggle some muscles loose that had been  hanging on by a thread?"   "Did 40 finally catch up to my back end too?" Depression started to sneak it's way into my mind. What a way to start my morning...realizing I had a saggy butt! How sad! I got my coffee cup filled up and went to head back up the stairs and it happened again!  I was horrified! So I decided to reach back and see what I had done to myself only to realize that the pocket of my coat had a hole inside!  The three dollars in quarters I had placed in the pocket had dropped through the hole and fell to the back, middle of my coat! So every time I moved the quarters were smacking me in the behind! I had to laugh out loud at the entire ordeal!
Until next time,


  1. LOL, sounds like you are getting paranoid in your old age. That is what happens after forty m'dear

  2. Haha.. I had myself convinced!