Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Invisible Moms

I thought long and hard about what to name my blog....too long and too the point of saying to myself "Seriously, Casey..just pick one". So I went back to the first thing that entered my mind. Feeling invisible. I realized that over the years, being a mom has been such a blessing but has also created the tendency for me to bypass my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, preferences, etc.,  for the sake of my husband and children. I am not saying that is a bad all. Just simply noticing in myself, that the "self " part of me has become ...set aside, maybe forgotten or not a priority, in essence INVISIBLE. So this blog is going to primarily be about my journey to become visible again. Not to others, but to ME! I have forgotten so many things about myself through the years. So why not now?..rediscover who I am. Please understand that I am not complaining about being invisible at all...heck, Wonderwoman could make herself invisible and had a cool invisible jet! So it isn't all bad! I just need to hone the ability to transform from visible to invisible and balance my life. Oh, and maybe work on getting one of those jets! I can just imagine all the things I could get accomplished in a day if I had one of those!
Until next time,


  1. very nice Casey..I will visit often, Love, Jen

  2. I am Kara's cousin Kellie. What a great place for us invisible mom's to go to get idea! I have three girl's ages 21, 18, and 13. I was married 15 yrs. and divorces at 40. I only have my 13 yr old at home now. I have two grand babies already. My point being that my boyfriend of 5 yrs said to me the other day you have more time on your hands what would you like to do. I realized I do not have a hobby or anything to do because I have spent all my time being a mom. Your right it is not a bad thing but I feel lost now! I have also been an invisible woman for a long time. I love this blog!!!! From one invisible mom to another, it's time we found ourselves!!!

  3. Kellie,
    You made my day! My hope above all else is for invisible Moms to relate to one another, connect, support,laugh,cry...and most importantly give themselves permission to be visible without feeling guilty! My next blog is going to be about my favorite color... I have four children, 18, 16, 12, 10. I can tell you all their favorite colors. But when they ask me my favorites..I have no idea! I am going to head to the paint store and stand in front of the paint samples until I figure it out! Or until they kick me out LOL Stay tuned :)