Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Invisible Moms - Warrior Moms

Wow...my goal was to post a new blog each day but time has proven to be needed for other things lately.

 In the last several days I have witnessed some amazing mothers. All sure to have felt invisible many times over.
Some choosing to be invisible in order for their children to be visible and shine...others who stand firm as warrior moms  for their children, visible, strong, unbreakable moms....keeping watch over their precious children.

I feel very humbled to be in the presence of such great moms. Amazing love, beauty and grace....and the ability to muster tremendous strength in times of trouble, to do everything they can to keep their children feeling cared for and safe.

I have been witness to a daughter having to say goodbye to her mother. Painful, bittersweet ...love and letting go.
A mother praying for miracles for her ill child.
A teenager feeling the consistent love of a mom willing to be the "bad guy" to keep him safe.
A mother who did not give birth but loves as if she did..unwaivering, pure love.
A mother laughing and playing with her children..even when she is exhausted and feels she has no more to give.
A mother losing her child. Raw, deep grief.
A mother celebrating the anticipation and arrival of her newborn baby.
A mother going without so her children will not have to.
Do you know these moms? Do you see one of them or many of them when you look in the mirror?

My heart goes out to all these moms. My heart goes out to you.
Until next time.


  1. from Jen~ via FB comment.....
    Beautiful Casey, as always!
    P.S.My writings are going to be slower coming because I just started back to school for my... second term.
    I hope your baby is feeling better.

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