Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Invisible Woman

Invisible Moms - Warrior Moms

Wow...my goal was to post a new blog each day but time has proven to be needed for other things lately.

 In the last several days I have witnessed some amazing mothers. All sure to have felt invisible many times over.
Some choosing to be invisible in order for their children to be visible and shine...others who stand firm as warrior moms  for their children, visible, strong, unbreakable moms....keeping watch over their precious children.

I feel very humbled to be in the presence of such great moms. Amazing love, beauty and grace....and the ability to muster tremendous strength in times of trouble, to do everything they can to keep their children feeling cared for and safe.

I have been witness to a daughter having to say goodbye to her mother. Painful, bittersweet ...love and letting go.
A mother praying for miracles for her ill child.
A teenager feeling the consistent love of a mom willing to be the "bad guy" to keep him safe.
A mother who did not give birth but loves as if she did..unwaivering, pure love.
A mother laughing and playing with her children..even when she is exhausted and feels she has no more to give.
A mother losing her child. Raw, deep grief.
A mother celebrating the anticipation and arrival of her newborn baby.
A mother going without so her children will not have to.
Do you know these moms? Do you see one of them or many of them when you look in the mirror?

My heart goes out to all these moms. My heart goes out to you.
Until next time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A good reminder

"Slow down today and pray. Be very thankful, and life wont seem so hard. When you are thankful you cant stay disappointed. When you're thankful you have no time to complain about what you don't have. Look at your family, health, and other overlooked blessings and begin to thank God! This is what our creator loves."~ Rex Crain.

Today I woke up feeling less than visible.... a little sad...no particular reason...and then I read one of my favorite inpirational speaker's words. It was a great reminder for me today to slow down and be aware of the blessings around me. The sun is shining. My family is amazing. My friendships are real. Prayer is healing.

What are you going to slow down and pay attention to in your life today?

Until next time,

Monday, March 21, 2011

What the?

OK..A quick post to tell on myself. I figured you would all enjoy this confession.....So, I was working on paperwork today on my computer, but I was freezing, so I went and grabbed my winter coat (that I haven't worn in a while) and put it on. It was great. Nice and toasty. I had been working for a while and decided to run downstairs to refill my coffee cup. I started down the stairs and had the weirdest feeling smack in the middle of my behind. A jiggling sensation. One that I had never experienced before. I PANICKED! I thought ,"Oh No!, How in the heck could I get a jiggle there? Right in the middle?" "Did that one lesson of Zumba wiggle some muscles loose that had been  hanging on by a thread?"   "Did 40 finally catch up to my back end too?" Depression started to sneak it's way into my mind. What a way to start my morning...realizing I had a saggy butt! How sad! I got my coffee cup filled up and went to head back up the stairs and it happened again!  I was horrified! So I decided to reach back and see what I had done to myself only to realize that the pocket of my coat had a hole inside!  The three dollars in quarters I had placed in the pocket had dropped through the hole and fell to the back, middle of my coat! So every time I moved the quarters were smacking me in the behind! I had to laugh out loud at the entire ordeal!
Until next time,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Marks

Well, I have to confess.. I did not make my goal of picking out my favorite color today. I ended up flying around town in my "jet" to take care of some things that I needed to get done before the weekend. One of my last stops was at the post office, which just so happens to be across the street from the paint store. I could see the paint samples in their perfect arrangement through the window. They seemed to be calling my name! I vowed that next week I will step foot in that store and find my favorite color. I started to wonder..what actually WILL BE my favorite color...not what IS my favorite color.  I have decided that finding "Me" doesn't mean finding what I perceive to have lost or forgotten. Rather, it means creating a new awareness of my now and celebrating my then because it is what has gotten me to my now...WOW that was a mouthful.. I hope it made sense to you.  In my journey to be visible to "ME," I am beginning to realize that some things about me have always been the same. My heart has not changed. My body...well, let's just say it has made some "Adjustments" through the years...mostly due to gravity and stretch marks (a.k.a "Baby Marks" in our household) LOL..I have always told my kids that those marks represent their exciting beginnings. My oldest daughter suggested that I get my four children's name's tatooed on their "designated marks." Yeah, I don't think so!!!! But it brought up a good point...those marks represent life, new beginnings..a gift I have been given that other women have not. They would give anything to bear those marks....yet when Summer rolls around the first thing I do is hide them....make them invisible to others....Why do we do that? I say "we" because I am hoping I am not the only one who does it. Something to think about. Tonight I pray for those who cannot conceive...you are in my heart.
 My spirit has gained a deeper understanding as I have gotten older and I feel like each passing year I have more and more clarity about the things in life that are most important. I have a sign in my house that says "Everyday Counts"... I believe this with everything I am. As I take these steps to balance my life, I challenge you to be aware that everyday counts...What will you do to make it count?
Sorry..I kind of rambled tonight...I am learning :)
Until next time,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wonderwoman wasn't invisible!

So today I came to the realization that Wonderwoman actually couldn't make herself invisible. She just flew around in an invisible jet and somehow people or bad guys couldn't see her? Hmmmmm....
"The plane, which possesses a sophisticated artificial intelligence, responds to Wonder Woman's thoughts. It is able to render itself invisible as well as alter its shape, transforming into any form of vehicle its bearer desires, be it a jet, submarine, motorcycle, or horse-drawn chariot."~ Wikipedia's information on the invisible jet.
I started to think, how I can relate to what she must have been feeling. Here she is in the middle of thin air(probably thousands of feet up), in an invisible jet..she is visible, yet NO ONE can see her?  Sound familiar? Have you ever felt like you can be standing amongst a crowd of people, or at the dinner table, or in the car and surely can be seen but somehow you feel completely invisible? The metaphoric invisible jet that can morph into other shapes has taken the shape of my SUV, our family car, you name it..there I am traveling, driving, riding in it.  Fully visible and yet I feel like no one can see me and most times for sure can't hear me.
Until next time,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Invisible Moms

I thought long and hard about what to name my blog....too long and too hard...to the point of saying to myself "Seriously, Casey..just pick one". So I went back to the first thing that entered my mind. Feeling invisible. I realized that over the years, being a mom has been such a blessing but has also created the tendency for me to bypass my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, preferences, etc.,  for the sake of my husband and children. I am not saying that is a bad thing...at all. Just simply noticing in myself, that the "self " part of me has become ...set aside, maybe forgotten or not a priority, in essence INVISIBLE. So this blog is going to primarily be about my journey to become visible again. Not to others, but to ME! I have forgotten so many things about myself through the years. So why not now?..rediscover who I am. Please understand that I am not complaining about being invisible at all...heck, Wonderwoman could make herself invisible and had a cool invisible jet! So it isn't all bad! I just need to hone the ability to transform from visible to invisible and balance my life. Oh, and maybe work on getting one of those jets! I can just imagine all the things I could get accomplished in a day if I had one of those!
Until next time,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to start?

Ok...here it goes..my first post on my first blog! Why am I freaked out by this blogging world? Probably because I have no idea what I am doing...am not exactly sure what I want to say and no idea where my thoughts will take me....and you (my friends who are reading this). My hope is that this blog will serve a couple of purposes.
1. It will give me a healthy way to express myself
2. It will help those who read it..maybe make you smile, think, laugh, decide, do!
Until next time.....